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Employees deserve to live healthier lives, employers deserve more control, and benefits should be delivering a better ROI.  We are frustrated with average and believe our clients deserve better.  The current system is failing on all fronts.  Many companies have been resigned to the status quo, not knowing there is a better way.  We want to begin a journey with you to find your better way.  You will quickly realize that this is a reality we can bring to bear for you and your employees.  No two companies’ benefit plans / culture / budgets are the same.  Group Alternatives has consistently partnered with clients to improve benefits, decrease costs, and increase ROI making you the hero in your company.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Employee Health Insurance costs equate to roughly 20% (or more) of total salary costs; this stresses the importance of experienced and knowledgeable guidance. I have been a Chief School Business Official (CSBO) in Illinois for more than 20 years. In my tenure as the Chief Financial Officer of the school communities I have served, I have worked with many insurance companies and brokers, and I have never met a more professional broker than Mike Baker and his colleagues at Group Alternatives. Using their RFP model for selecting self-insured health insurance benefits has saved our taxpayers millions of dollars and has made it easy for us to make these often difficult decisions."

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    Al Gegenheimer, Former Superintendent (Minooka CCSD 201)
  • "Our mid-sized, non-profit senior services organization, Norwood Life Society, has been using Group Alternatives since 2006. We have been able to keep our health care costs below industry trend ever since, have added Wellness testing that has helped many employees, and have lowered our costs while improving service for our 401k plan. The staff at Group Alternatives has been a pleasure to deal with, the fees are very reasonable, and the results are unquestionable. I can whole-heartedly endorse Group Alternatives as a superior employee benefits partner."

    Michael Toohey, CEO (Norwood Life Society)
  • "The transition from fully-insured to self-insured was easy with the help of Mike Baker and the Group Alternatives team.  They are more than just experts in the field. They are caring people helping companies navigate the dynamic health care environment. With funding changes and proper plan design, we have controlled costs. These savings have allowed us to keep employee contributions stable (two years running) and add a vision plan (at no cost to the employee). Thank you, Group Alternatives!"

    John Gaziano, CFO (CompuSystems)
  • "We have been using Group Alternatives for many years as our health insurance benefits consultant. Working together, we stay current and take better advantage of savings opportunities for the benefit of our employees and as an organization."

    Donna Lamberti, CPA (Congregation of Holy Cross, US Province)

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