HR Technology

The Stakes are High

For Human Resource professionals, managing a workforce has become a daunting task. In addition to the normal challenges in HR departments, healthcare reform, ACA reporting, and other regulations require more accountability of employee data. All of this takes a considerable amount of time and takes time away from other important HR responsibilities.

How We Can Help

We have partnered with a technology consultant to address the broad HR automation needs of our clients. We approach each client uniquely, whether it involves finding a new solution or improving a client’s current process with existing platforms. Our goal is to dramatically improve your HR process and user experience while achieving a good return on your investment.

How it Works

We will assess your current employee process to determine if improvements can be achieved through some level of automation, mapping out the steps from an employee’s initial interaction to completing the proper transactions for HR and Benefits. This includes tasks such as making sure employees are fully eligible with your benefits carriers and plan administrators, and that data is flowing to your HR system for payroll or other important HR functions. After documenting your process, we will determine if improvements can be achieved by making basic changes or if your needs can be better addressed by securing an outside vendor.

If you wish to pursue an outside solution, we will help find vendors that can meet your technology needs and budget. We have strategic relationships with many industry leaders and expertise in the broad market of technology vendors. Our multi-stage project management begins with client discovery and concludes with the completion of a client’s implementation.

Each Step is Described Below:

   Client Discovery

We will map out your current HR automation process across all transactions in order to identify your challenges and long-term HR automation goals. These steps will help identify the gaps in your current HR automation process, allowing us to effectively determine viable solutions.

   Identify Requirements

After we have clearly outlined the current process, we prioritize transactions based on which functions are mission critical plus provide the greatest efficiency and value to you.


We will help you determine if an outside vendor can better meet your needs or if existing vendor solutions should be improved to achieve desired results.

   ROI Analysis/Selection

In the case of outside vendor evaluation, we will provide you with an estimate of savings generated via system automation. This step is often helpful in getting support and approval from the executive level.

   Project Plan Development & Implementation

If a course correction is suggested or a new vendor is selected, we will develop an internal plan to work with the vendor during the implementation. This approach helps all parties manage expectations effectively.