Cost Effective Service Locations

Members may not feel they have a choice regarding the location where they receive a CT or MRI. In most non-emergency situations, they do have a choice. Are they able to receive their MRI from a freestanding imaging center and have it sent to their doctor? What is the cost difference between their options? What options do we have as consumers and members of our health plans for quality and affordable care? All of these are excellent questions we hope your members are asking. Educating employees about their options and the costs associated with them is critical in making the best health care decisions. 

How do members make better choices about where to receive their CT/MRIs? 

Unrealized savings opportunities exist within your population. Springbuk data indicates that CT scans and MRI images cost less in an office or freestanding imaging center setting than in an outpatient hospital setting. Typically, CT/MRIs that take place in an outpatient hospital can instead be performed at a freestanding imaging center. 

From our clients’ aggregated data we’ve found that the cost of a scan or image from a freestanding imaging center is an average of 56% to 66% less than at an outpatient hospital. Below is an aggregate report we’ve built from data pulled from Springbuk for all of our clients in the platform. The cost difference between an average CT scan in an outpatient hospital and office setting is $912 per scan. The cost difference between an average MRI image in an outpatient hospital and office setting is $965 per image. Migrating 50% of CT/MRI utilizers from an outpatient hospital to a freestanding imaging center or office, results in approximately $1,084,496 in potential savings across Group Alternatives’ clients in Springbuk. 

The cost difference between CT scans and MRI images in an outpatient hospital and office setting is one example of an insight into your population that may provide potential savings opportunities. 

We desire to help you better understand your population’s data and trends to enable you to more effectively build tools and strategies to engage your members. We have implemented multiple programs rewarding members for engaging in their health care by using financial incentives to make wiser health care decisions. We believe that knowing your data enables you to see and impact your potential Return on Investment.

What if your company provided an incentive to encourage members to receive their care at more cost effective locations? 

Springbuk users, ask Group Alternatives for your CT/MRI Outpatient Hospital vs Office report (see below for example). 

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