Data Analytics help you strategically manage the performance of your group health plan.

Many factors influence the performance of an employer’s group health plan: member demographics, plan design, misdirected care, chronic disease, high-cost providers, network performance, high utilization and more. Data Analytics provide the tools required to pursue and achieve successful health care performance strategies.

Through our Data Analytics service package, we are afforded the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the issues driving health care costs. Our Data Analytics suite includes the HPI-Portal, HPI-Dashboard, HPI-Analytics, and HPI-BeneCalc.

HPI-PortalTM provides us a secure and central access point for all Health Plan Intelligence content, including the HPI-Dashboard, HPI-Analytics, and HPI-BeneCalc.
HPI-DashboardTM provides an understandable and intuitive view on how your plan is performing with specific focus on key health service areas and underlying conditions. The HPI-Dashboard is a management-level, key performance indicator and benchmarking report which combines health experience data and underlying membership information. Our analysis provides us the opportunity to understand how your plan is performing, how it compares to other companies, and identify areas for additional investigation.
HPI-AnalyticsTM provides direct access to powerful views of underlying health care data. All the underlying data have been enhanced to include logical groupings and descriptions which afford us the opportunity to quickly understand and easily use the application.
HPI-BeneCalcTM provides the advantage of predicting both the financial and member impact of potential plan changes. The HPI-BeneCalc application affords us the opportunity to pursue changes which maximize plan savings while minimizing member disruption.
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