Helping the Diabetics in Your Population

A typical diabetic needs approximately two hours a day to manage their condition. Imagine maintaining a strict diet and exercise program, administering the correct amount of medication, buying/ordering supplies, balancing doctor appointments and check-ups, and pricking yourself up to 10 times a day to measure your blood glucose level. Self-managing a chronic condition takes considerable time, energy and organization. Approximately 99% of diabetes management is self-managed care. Not only is this a time consuming issue but a costly one as well. Group Alternatives’ aggregated data shows an additional monthly cost of over $1,000 per diabetic ($1092) versus our average cost per member. 

Self-management of diabetes can be overwhelming, challenging and costly. How can we help these members in our populations better manage their condition?

The Group Alternatives’ team is always looking for solutions that meet our clients’ needs and during our search for an innovative diabetes solution, we discovered Livongo. This cutting-edge program includes a smart touchscreen glucose meter, unlimited lancets and test strips, and free coaching for members with diabetes. The meter is connected with an online account and automatically uploads blood glucose readings to provide personalized feedback. Their technology tracks the usage of strips and ships supplies right to an individual’s door. Livongo provides a way to target the needs of individuals with diabetes by coming alongside and easing the management of diabetes. The results are trackable and scalable as Springbuk’s tool compares the costs of individuals with diabetes prior to the program and since joining the program.

A number of our clients have now selected Livongo to help target this growing need in their population. They specifically chose Livongo to help diabetics successfully manage their condition and reduce costs associated with flare-ups and non-compliance with care guidelines. We will keep you up to date on the success of this program and will continue to share more ideas with you throughout the year!

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