Future Steps

Since 2009, Group Alternatives has invested in young people and helped them prepare for their future. Our interns are chosen from local college students through an interview process and receive “on the job” experience using the skills they have developed in school. Our paid program lasts up to 12 weeks and immerses our interns in all aspects of our business, from preparing materials for meetings to attending client presentations.

Starting in 2015, Group Alternatives has partnered with GRIP Outreach for Youth, a Chicago based mentoring non-for-profit, to provide internship and shadowing opportunities to inner city teenagers. Our goal is to expand students’ vision on how the business world can have a positive impact on their lives and their community.

Group Alternatives Staff Pictures
Jimmie Brooks, 2016 Intern

Clifton Johnson
Clifton Johnson, 2016 Intern

Israel Joseph
Israel Joseph, 2017 Intern

Mesha Smith, Summer 2017 Intern

Trevon Lee, Fall 2017 Intern

Jamal Warren, Fall 2018 Intern

Javon Smith, Spring 2019 Intern