The Power of Wellness Data

Wellness initiatives are a popular topic in the healthcare industry. More than ever before, employers are seeking strategies to improve upon and engage with the health of their population. However, employers faced with budget constraints often feel as if they’ve tried options that don’t seem to work. We are left with the question, “Where do we focus?” 

The ability to incorporate biometric and wellness survey data into an analytic platform provides our clients with insights to effectively build and measure wellness strategies. We are able to determine where to focus and who we should be engaging. When we combine data from the wellness plans and medical and prescription claims, we produce an entirely different perspective that provides our clients with actionable insights above and beyond that of a claim report and a wellness results deck—which can be overwhelming to decipher. An individual’s health is strongly connected to their claims; connecting the data is an imperative step to discovering an effective wellness strategy. 

Another key element that needs to be addressed is employees don’t always know which programs they should be taking advantage of. Employees don’t need to know the total population’s overall health status; they need to focus on themselves. Employers have the tremendous ability to see their population’s data in its entirety to understand the population’s needs and identify trends. This places employers in a perfect position to use the data to impact the health of their workforce. Wellness screenings, in particular, give the employer the data to impact their entire population’s health.

How is your wellness screening data effectively helping you build data driven wellness strategies? How do you engage with the data? Lastly, how do you measure the implemented program? 

Springbuk enables you to pull in biodata from your wellness vendor. By integrating wellness data in Springbuk, you’re able to begin to identify how screening results are connected with claims and how wellness and claims data supplement each other. Your wellness data becomes more powerful when it is integrated with your other healthcare data, including medical and prescription claims. Connecting claims data with biometric data allows you to better understand the risks in your population. For example, Springbuk is able to identify the faction in your population identified as high-risk in their biometric data yet are not going to the doctor or incurring any medical or prescription claims. These members present a higher risk for your future claims spend. The lack of engagement as a high-risk member will eventually cost the member and the plan if the member continues to avoid engagement in their healthcare. 

How are you leveraging your wellness data to impact the health of your employees?

Group Alternatives has utilized Springbuk to put your data back into your hands. Yet, the large amount of data available at your fingertips can be intimidating. We understand that your data is complex and further complicated by the intricacies of the healthcare system. You may wonder, where do I even start? Group Alternatives can help you access and utilize your data in Springbuk to build robust strategies that target the specific needs of your population. 

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